Privacy Policy

CoreMatter collects only data that is encoded by CoreMatter users, for the purposes of their firm’s practice management activities. Never will we share, rent, lend, or sell specific information to anyone. For any other questions regarding privacy please contact us so that we can take appropriate action immediately.

Personal Disclosure

To the extent required by applicable law, whenever CoreMatter collects personal information CoreMatter will:

1. provide timely and appropriate notice to you about its data practices including updates or modifications to any privacy statements;
2. collect, use, disclose and transfer your personal information for the intent that it was collected

"Phishing" and Identity Theft

CoreMatter will never send you an email asking you to send us personal, financial, or credit card information. If you receive such an email, DO NOT RESPOND. It did not originate from CoreMatter and it would be someone "phishing" or searching for your information. Sometimes, these emails may look like official CoreMatter communications and may ask you to provide this information to "confirm your account." These so-called "phishing" expeditions are usually attempts to steal your identity and defraud you. Please contact us so that we can take appropriate action immediately.

Information Uploads

CoreMatter allows for upload of different file formats. CoreMatter will not be held responsible if the content of the files uploaded is found to be in violation of legal and societal norms and practices.

Security of Personal Information

Your personal information will generally be stored in CoreMatter's secure databases.

CoreMatter takes great security steps to ensure that your information remains safe. Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encrypt any incoming data to ensure safety, and confidentiality in your information. Please note the SSL logo and the fact the site is secure, along with the lock that will appear upon entering the homepage.

While more than adequate security measures are in place, CoreMatter will not be responsible for breaches of security beyond our reasonable control.

Changes to this Policy and our Privacy Statements

CoreMatter reserves the right to update or modify this Policy, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of this Policy. If we modify this Policy or any Privacy Statement, the modifications will only apply to the personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Policy or Privacy Statement.